How to Prevent Instagram from Liking Pictures Automatically?

At times, one may stumble across photos and comments that they do not remember liking, and it can be somewhat frightening to know that they are not the only one who can operate their Instagram account. In case you come across a photo that you definitely have not liked yourself, then in most likelihood, something is accessing your Instagram account.

The reason behind this issue

Well, any 3rd party application or individual may have access to your Instagram account. In case you have registered for any service that needs you to log in to your Instagram account, then the supposed app might be using bots for liking pictures automatically.

You need to disable 3rd party access for stopping this. And for this, you will have to reset the password of your Instagram account.

Solutions for preventing automatic liking of pictures on Instagram

Cancel and Stop Third-Party App Access

Well, to prevent Instagram from liking images by itself, you need to restrict third-party app access. As the app might have access to your Instagram, you will need to cancel and stop it from the website of Instagram.

When you grant access to any app, it can control your profile details including pictures and followers. The app can like stuff from your profile and follow other Instagram users. Follow the steps given below and block third-party app access

  • Open the following website-
  • Now, you need to head to your profile.
  • Select Authorized apps.
  • Click on the Remove Access option located below the authorized app.
  • Select the Yes option for blocking the third-party app.

In case you see any message stating that you haven’t authorized any app for accessing your account, then it signified that you had not granted access to any third party app for your Instagram account.

Well, in this scenario, you will have to reset your Instagram password, and somebody might be accessing it without your knowledge.

Reset Instagram Password

When you reset the Instagram password, your Instagram account will get logged out of every device, and all the devices with 3rd party access shall also get removed.

Here is how you can log out of other devices:

  • Open your Instagram profile.
  • Now, go to Settings by tapping/clicking on its icon.
  • Select the option called Change Password.
  • Key in the current password.
  • Now, insert a new password.
  • Confirm the password by entering it again.
  • Click or tap on the Done button for changing the password and signing out of other devices.

Wrapping up

For stopping the automatic liking or photos and comments on Instagram, you have to revoke 3rd part app access and reset the Instagram password. This will make sure that nothing or nobody other than you has access and control over your Instagram account.

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